The average life expectancy for pandas is about five years, but that’s not the case for a group of pandas in captivity in China.

The Chinese government has reportedly spent over $600 million to buy and maintain the pandas and has given them a name: Little Panda Police.

But the animals are still kept in tiny cages.

They’re not given access to the outdoors or allowed to interact with other animals.

It’s a sad, yet sad fact of life that pandas are not allowed to be released into the wild.

We recently talked to a veterinarian in India who explained the situation and offered her perspective on the situation.

[Related: 8 things you need to know about the pandemic]”The pandas can’t be given a free ride,” said the vet.

“They are not going to get out of there.”

This is the main reason that pandans are kept in these tiny cages, the vet added.

They can’t move around freely and they’re not allowed a chance to meet new people.

They also can’t travel outside the enclosure, and the panda enclosure is very small compared to the surrounding area.

There’s also a lack of natural light and shade, meaning that the pandabas will get too cold and get dehydrated.

The pandas will also be kept in small, dark, enclosed spaces that are often difficult to find.

They get lonely in these small enclosures, the veterinarian said.

“If you take a step out of the enclosure you have to look for them.

You’ll see them lying on the ground.

You have to find them and you have no chance of finding them again.”

[Related : 8 things to know to prepare for the pandox pandemic ]There’s no way that a pandas enclosure would be suitable for humans, but there are some ways that pandabans can live out their days.

The veterinarians mentioned in the article said that they would love to see pandas be released outside their enclosures to be able to socialize and interact with people.

“The pandabals are very lonely and it’s important to try to get them to open their eyes and face people,” the vet said.

She also said that the best way to keep them happy is to play with them and interact them with other pandas.

This is why, the veterinarians said, they want the pandans to be given the opportunity to meet people outside of their enclosure.

“It’s very important to make sure that they can interact with the people and not be kept as isolated as possible,” she added.

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