BLACKPOOL — The cop from the first season of the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” has been widely mocked for his role in the stereotype of a white cop.

The character of Blackpool is voiced by British actor Rory McCann.

Blackpool is played by actor Rory Madden, who is of Irish descent and was born in Derry, Northern Ireland.

He is also known for his portrayal of Sheriff Gormlaith in the Irish TV series “Sherlock” and in the Marvel TV series Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

“Sherlock’s” detective, Mr. Moriarty, is white.

His partner, Dr. Moriarity, is black.

It’s a stereotype that has been around since the 1960s, when Martin Luther King Jr. said that “everybody is a cop.”

“Game of Throne” is a TV series set in medieval England.

Its main character, King Arthur, is a white man who is portrayed by a black actor.

A video of the actor playing Blackpool on the HBO show, which aired in January, went viral.

Madden said in a statement, “I’ve been very fortunate to be part of the show.

I’ve never seen a character of this color in a role before and I’ve got nothing but respect for all of the Blackpool characters.

When you get to play a role in this world you just have to accept it.

I’m really proud of my role and the fact that I’ve done it and I’m looking forward to playing it again.”

The character Blackpool has become a stereotype for a white police officer in America.

In his latest role, Blackpool, who plays an Irish cop, is voiced on “Game Of Thrones.”

He plays the character of a black police officer, Rory McCann, in HBO’s hit “Game,” which was filmed in Scotland in January.

Last month, a black woman in Australia was given the title “white police officer” after she was filmed being questioned in a police station.

That video was posted on YouTube by a British user, who called it “terrifying” and said it was “just a sad, sad moment in our society.

McGregor, a former member of the Irish police force, told The Associated Press he has been “extremely pleased” with the response from fans.

For more information on Blackpool and other recent news, visit the ABC News blog.

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