Two policemen have been arrested for allegedly murdering their brother, and another man has been charged for allegedly killing another policeman who was allegedly on the same mission.

In the case of the alleged shooting of their brother and wounding of a police officer, the suspects are accused of killing the suspect’s son, who was also on the mission, and wounding another policeman.

The police officers were identified by the AFP as Senior Sergeant Joaquin Pino, 27, and Senior Sergeant Jose Pino Pineda, 35, both of the Quezon City Police, who were arrested on Tuesday.

Pino, who is in custody at a police station, was allegedly involved in the shooting of the suspect in his sleep at the police headquarters on Monday night.

According to the police, Pino allegedly shot the suspect with his own gun when he attempted to stop him from committing a crime.

The two men were charged with murder.

The AFP news agency said the man had been a member of the police force since 2009 and was in his early 30s.

The Pinedas are the latest in a string of police officers killed in police-related incidents across the country.

Earlier this month, the AFP said four members of the Philippine National Police were killed in an ambush.

The killings of two police officers by gunmen in Manila earlier this month came just a week after the killing of a local police officer.

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