A young police officer is not the only one who is struggling to cope with a dark police force.

And some of the officers, like Joanne, who are the most likely to be in trouble for not wearing their badges, are also finding it harder to get on with their jobs.

Joanne’s dad and uncle are also part of the force.

They are part of a force of over 1,000 people and work as part of our local neighbourhood policing team.

“It’s been very difficult for me to work, because of the police,” she says.

I am also getting a lot more tired because of all the policing that I do. “

Sometimes I have to do a lot of my own patrols.

I love the dog, but I have no idea how it does it. “

My boss says that I can do some of my patrols with a police dog.

Police officers are seen during a training session at the Metropolitan Police headquarters in London, Britain, on January 12, 2018. “

If I don’t get my badge, I can end up getting a call that I am not authorised to do the patrol.”

Police officers are seen during a training session at the Metropolitan Police headquarters in London, Britain, on January 12, 2018.

Police officer joe in a training exercise on a mobile phone in a carpark outside his home in London.

The police have been criticised for not training more officers in safety-related matters and, in some cases, failing to properly supervise officers.

“The public has to be informed about the training that we give our officers,” says Joanne.

“The public is also going to have to accept that it’s their police and that they have a job to do.”

Joanne is a member of the Met’s new “community policing” team and is currently on leave.

She is a keen cyclist and has a new helmet.

Joanne is not alone.

Another senior officer in the force, who wishes to remain anonymous, says there is a “huge” gap in training for officers.

This officer is also a cyclist.

He says he has a range of skills that could help police officers with the dark policing they are now facing.

His main task is making sure that the public knows the force is prepared to help them.

But the police have made no secret of the fact they are under pressure.

Last month, the Metropolitan police said that they were “deeply concerned” by reports that the force was being underfunded.

One senior officer, who spoke to the Sunday People on condition of anonymity, told the paper that the “community” policing officers were not receiving enough training.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said the force had received complaints about its training.

“We are investigating the issues,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of that, we will provide feedback on our training and support our officers.”

It’s important to emphasise that we are always working to improve.

“But we do need to keep working hard to keep improving.”

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