A police sergeant’s estranged daughter has shared her story of being discriminated against and bullied at school and in her profession because of her heritage, which she says was ignored by her parents.

Alicia Furlong, 22, says she was told she was not fit to be a constable when she was eight years old and told her “you’re not a police officer.

You’re not good enough”.

Furlong told the ABC’s AM program she has since been bullied by fellow pupils at her primary school, which is in Limerick city.

She has spoken out about her experiences in a video that has been shared more than 7,000 times on Facebook and has received support from some of her peers.

“I have been bullied at my primary school,” Furlawong said.

“The one who is really doing this to me, is the one who made me think that I should not be good enough for a police station.”

In a statement to the ABC, Limerick Council said it did not have an issue with Ms Furlongo’s heritage and the incident was reported to the police, but said the bullying had nothing to do with race.

The council said it had asked the Police Service of Northern Ireland to investigate Ms Fupon’s allegations, but did not know if it had received any results.

“We are grateful for the outpouring of support from the community in Limington and we will be investigating this matter as quickly as possible,” the council said.

A spokeswoman for Limerick City Council said the incident did not involve any racism and the local community had not been discriminated against.

“Our focus is on the welfare of all the children in the community,” she said.

The Limerick Herald reports the incident is the latest in a series of incidents involving ethnic minority children.

Last year, a 14-year-old boy was allegedly forced to wear a blackface mask to a school in Limster to teach a lesson about blackface.

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