A first-time cop is often expected to have a strong bond with the people he serves.

For this reason, the police department’s first black cop is expected to bring a certain level of professionalism to his work.

And yet, there are many things that can go wrong when a black officer is paired with a white cop.

As we reported last week, a group of protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement, led by the late Malcolm X, have been blocking traffic at a white-dominated intersection in Atlanta for months.

After a brief standoff, the protesters retreated to the corner, where a group that included a woman carrying a sign with a black face with a message about the police beating of Eric Garner emerged.

The woman, identified only as Dottie, appeared to have some history of racism, according to her Twitter account.

She is a veteran of the U.S. military, she told BuzzFeed News that she was not a member of any black-owned businesses and that she doesn’t “want a white police officer to get me into trouble.”

But in the eyes of some black people, Dotties actions were justifiable, and they didn’t see this as the kind of thing that would make the police officers’ job safer.

Black people have been protesting police brutality and harassment for decades, but this was the first time they had a white officer as a witness.

The next time someone is assaulted by a cop, they’re likely to have to walk away, according Michaela Ball, a black woman who works as a social media coordinator at the National Action Network, a local Black Lives Matters affiliate.

“This is the first [black] officer to see the black woman,” Ball said.

“That is the most traumatic moment, because it is a very, very violent incident.

And if it’s the first thing she sees, and it’s a white female, and there is a young black man nearby, it is going to be traumatic.

And the police officer has to decide whether to take action, or whether to let this go on for a little while and get to the next encounter.”

Ball said that she witnessed an incident in which a white man was assaulted by another white man who was also walking past.

“The black man was very, really hurt and upset and upset about what happened,” Ball explained.

“He was really upset about it.

And then he went to the police station, where the white guy was just like, ‘Hey, this is the police.

You’re not supposed to do that.'”

The next officer to arrive on the scene was a white woman.

“She came out and looked at the other black woman and said, ‘Oh, I just want to say something to you,'” Ball recalled.

“And the other white woman looked at her and was like, [expletive deleted].

She was like [exclamation deleted], and she was saying, ‘This isn’t right.

This isn’t fair.

This is not right.’

And she was like ‘Oh yeah, she’s the white one.’

And the other woman was like the white woman, and she looked at [the officer] and said she was going to call the police.”

After an investigation into the incident, Ball said the officer had no other choice but to intervene, because the officer was being assaulted by “a white woman.”

The next night, after being harassed by protesters again, the officer returned to the intersection.

She was not the only one who saw that the situation had changed.

“When I saw her, I was like a little nervous, like, what’s going on?,” Ball recalled, noting that the officer did not mention that she had witnessed the assault.

“I was like what are you doing?

Why would you do that?”

Ball added.

“It just makes me feel really uncomfortable.

I don’t know why it’s not OK for us to be out here protesting.

You don’t want to be seen as a protester.

You can’t get away with it.”

The Black Lives Mourners Black Lives Murders The next day, the group was back at the intersection again.

After hearing that there were more people in the area, Ball and the other activists were again at the corner.

After being assaulted twice by a man in a white van, the next officer arrived and escorted them away.

The police officer then approached the white women in the crowd and asked them what they wanted to do about the incident.

“We were like, we want to talk about this.

And he was like this,” Ball remembered.

“Well, we’re just not interested in what you’re saying,” the officer said.

Ball and other activists took the officers hand, and said they wanted him to get involved in the investigation.

“So, I go, okay, that’s great, we got that out of the way,” Ball told BuzzFeed.

“But he was standing there and he was being like, like what do you want to do?

So I was just looking at his hands.

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