It’s not just the Kiwis, either.

A lot of footballers from the country have failed to make it past the first team and that has resulted in a big impact on the sport’s popularity.

Read more:   The Australian Football League has had its share of busts, with many players leaving the competition after being drafted into the NRL for a few seasons.

But the NRL has a reputation for putting in players who are good enough to play, and it seems a little odd that players who’ve been deemed busts have been given the opportunity to make a comeback. 

In the past decade, the NRL’s top four picks in each draft have all made it through the first squad, with the likes of Kurt Capewell and Tim Simona coming through in recent years. 

There’s also the matter of the premiership players who have been signed to long-term deals, which is also an indication that the NRL is paying attention to the big names. 

But it seems unlikely the NRL will be keeping all of its stars for long.

The New Zealand Rugby Union’s chief executive Dave Smith said at the launch of the league’s 2017-18 season that he would prefer to keep the likes on their current contracts, but he also made it clear that some players might want to return to the NRL in the future.

“It’s a big issue, obviously, but we’re not going to be turning down a player who wants to go to another club,” Smith said.

“I don’t think we’re going to put a lot of pressure on players.

If someone wants to come back to the game and play in the NRL, I think we’d be happy to work with them.”

If a player wants to move back to his own country, he’d have to have the right deal and then we’d have some sort of deal.

“But we don’t have the luxury of that.

I don’t want to be the one who’s saying, ‘We’ve got to get rid of them’.”

What’s the best way to find the next big New Zealand star? 

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on who to keep or release.

Is it a long-time player who’s come through the ranks and you’re looking for a quick fix? 

The big players in the sport are often at their best when they’re at their peak, with players such as Aaron Woods, Sam Burgess and Josh Reynolds all in their prime.

The best players on the rise are also the ones who have the ability to adapt to the changing times, and if a player doesn’t get a good run of games he’ll become frustrated and unhappy. 

What’s your opinion on the New Zealanders busts this year? 

Do you think the players are busts for failing to make the first-team?

Have you ever heard of a bust? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

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