In the US, a new wave of media has emerged, where audiences are exposed to new media in new ways.

In 2017, the National Police Radio Program launched.

The program is broadcast on NPR, BBC, BBC World and on BBC World News and on iPlayer.

It is a collaboration between National Police and BBC Radio.

National Police has also partnered with the BBC to produce new series on topics such as police and public safety, and the Police and Public Order Unit (PPU) of the Royal Courts of Justice (RJU) and the BBC has created a dedicated podcast series.

A new wave has also been born in France, where there has been a boom in the number of shows on the radio, including new cop shows.

In 2018, the Police Show, an interactive radio show for police, police officers, and their families, aired on the station RFI, with hosts Marie-Philip Gélin and Emmanuel Ségou, and co-hosts Jean-Marie Dejéré and Pierre Bauval.

They discuss the events that led to the arrest of the mayor of the French town of Lille, and a host of other topics.

In France, police show is not a new phenomenon.

There have been numerous cop shows on radio and TV since at least 2000.

The first shows, such as this one in 2018, were made by radio station France Inter, which is part of the Radio-France network.

The show features police officers from France, the UK, and Belgium, as well as some from the US.

There are also other shows that are produced by the police.

Some are aimed at people in the US; others are for journalists.

These include the radio show I’m a Police Officer, which airs on BBC Radio 4 and is produced by Public Radio International.

The new shows are a result of the “reboot of policing,” which began with the police reform package that was passed by the French government in 2020.

Police reform package The new law required that police chiefs submit proposals for the formation of new units within the police, the creation of new specialized units to deal with specific crimes, and new powers to make arrests.

There were already about 30,000 new units in France.

This law was a response to the wave of terrorism in France in the 1990s, which included attacks on major Paris and Brussels sites and attacks on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The reform package included measures to improve the police response to such attacks.

But it also gave police new powers, including the ability to detain people for up to 72 hours without charge, and to take them to court to determine whether they had committed a crime.

The law also created a special unit of the Paris police force, called the National Unit, to help with the implementation of the reform package.

The National Unit was also tasked with reviewing the use of force by police, which was the topic of a 2015 episode of the show.

But the new reforms did not go far enough.

Police chiefs complained that the reforms did little to curb violent crime and the use and abuse of the force, which has increased significantly in recent years.

The reforms also failed to address a serious problem: the lack of training for officers, many of whom were not trained in how to respond to violent attacks.

There was also a lack of support for police officers.

In some cases, police had been given very limited training in how and why to deal quickly with an attack.

In one episode, a police officer was given the task of arresting a suspect in a parking garage, only to find out later that he had already been arrested.

In a similar episode, another officer was sent to a public park to deal w/ a man who had barricaded himself inside a vehicle, only for the man to be killed by a police dog.

The French National Police Service, which provides policing services in the country, was also criticised for not giving sufficient training to its officers in how best to respond in these circumstances.

The problems were particularly evident when officers were involved in an attempted carjacking in the French city of Bordeaux in August 2017.

The man, a taxi driver named Yannick, was arrested for driving without a license, driving with a suspended license, and resisting arrest.

He was charged with armed robbery, robbery, burglary, possession of an explosive device, and possession of a firearm.

He pleaded guilty to all of these charges and received a three-year suspended sentence.

The officer responsible for Yannik’s arrest, Emmanuel Sagnat, was a police constable, and his case went to trial in November 2018.

Prosecutors argued that Yannicks actions on the night of the attack had no bearing on the charges against him.

Sagnats actions had nothing to do with his arrest, but rather were in response to an attempt to rob a taxi and was “the result of his

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