Police officer Budapest, Hungary’s biggest city, has adopted a new face of “Biggy” the policeman.

In the past, Budapest has had the distinction of being one of the only European capitals to feature a male police officer, and one of only two European cities in the world to have a female policeman.

But that was before the recent emergence of a new male figure.

The official name is Budapest’s new policeman, Budgert the Bear.

The new bear is a member of the Hungarian National Police, a new institution in Budapest’s city hall.

Budgart is not only an officer of Budgist, but also the city’s chief law enforcement officer, responsible for all the police services in the city.

The bear is also a mascot for the city, a symbol of the police force, which is responsible for keeping the peace and protecting people and property.

As Budgiste continues to be the first to be named in the Guinness Book of World Records, I have been fascinated with the bear.

I have written a short profile about him and the new bear in my book, “Budapest is My Bear: The History of Budapest and Its People.” 

“Budgiste” was a former police officer.

He retired in 2010 and now lives in the Uppsala suburb of Gorny.

Budge is the mascot of Budgy, the police service that he joined in 2008. 

“The bear” is not just an emblem of Budgest. 

In the first few months of the year, the city adopted a mascot named “Biggie.”

The bear’s presence is now ubiquitous, especially in the busy streets of Budges neighborhood.

He is also known as “the big bear.” 

In an interview with the BBC, Budge said, “We don’t have a mascot like Biggie.

Biggie is a dog that I’m the mascot, but the bear is my friend.” 

Budgy is one of several new officers in Budgiest.

The other officers include two officers who were previously police dogs, one from Budapest and one from Szeged.

Budgie is one officer that the city says it is “considering for promotion to sergeant.” 

I had the chance to meet with Budgie a couple of times, and he was very helpful in answering questions about his role and in explaining why he chose to be a policeman. 

When I asked him how he decided to become a policeman, he told me, “It’s not a problem of money.

My mother is a retired nurse and I am in love with her.” 

It is not unusual for police officers to earn more money than they earn in the private sector.

Budgi was paid less than $40,000 in 2015, according to Hungarian statistics.

The new police officer is the fourth new officer Budgest has adopted since the new police service was established in 2011.

The most recent was Budgitt the Bear, who earned $2,800 per month. 

I asked him about how he felt about being called a policeman when he was a child.

“It makes me feel proud, it makes me happy, and I’m also proud to be called a police officer,” he told the BBC. 

The bear and the bear are not the only officers that Budgists citizens are taking on.

In November 2016, the first female police officer was sworn in, and her name is Sofia. 

This is not the first time that Budgartians have adopted a female police force.

Budgat police in the country’s east were the first. 

It may be a little early for Budgartens population to embrace a female officer, but it is certainly not too early to be excited about what the city can achieve with a new breed of police officer in the coming years. 

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