The Lego Movie was the first film to have a real-life character as its lead, and the character’s name is the one that stuck.

The Lego Police Force was the second film and it has the most recurring police officer character, but the real-world character was never named.

As the LEGO movie has since been rebooted, the Lego Police Department has become a big part of the LEGO universe.

But, the real Lego character has never been named, which is why the movie’s official title is the Coke Police Force.

The first Coke sign was seen in an early teaser trailer, but it never made it into the film.

So, the filmmakers decided to name it after the real person who actually made the sign.

The actor who played the sign in the movie, Peter Guber, also plays the real Coke.

“I think that’s a nice nod,” said actor Rob Schneider.

“That’s what I’m going to use for the LEGO characters.

It’s a little bit like the original Coke, where they named it after their real life character.”

Schneider said that the sign’s name will not change.

“No, we’re not going to change it, but we’re going to name him in a cool way,” he said.

“If you’re in the market for a Cozie, you’re not just going to go with a Coley, you’ve got to have an original character to make him.”

The movie’s new Coke detective, Detective Mike Stinson, will play the role of the original sign, and it will be his first appearance in the film as he is still wearing his uniform from the first movie.

“He has to be very recognizable,” said Schneider.

Mike Stork is the lead detective in the Lego universe, and he’s a new addition to the LEGO world.

He’s a young man who was recruited by the Lego team to be part of their police department, but is a little too cool for the police.

He wears a gray suit and a brown tie, and wears a badge on his back that says “Detective,” which is the same thing as the Coley sign.

“You can tell Mike Storks role is to be a detective, but he also has to have some other abilities, and there’s some cool things he can do,” said Guber.

He also revealed that Mike Stark is not a rookie officer, but someone who has been around the block a lot and has been on the job a few times before.

“They are all very different characters,” said Paul Lieber, who plays Mike Stunkins son.

“Mike is a detective from a different time, but they all kind of have that same sense of humor and that same drive and drive to solve cases.”

It’s not just the characters that make up the LEGO police force that will be familiar to fans of the first Lego movie, either.

“There’s a few different characters in the first one, so we want to introduce a couple more characters to the world of LEGO,” said Lieber.

The LEGO movie also has a new character who plays a police officer in the world that is based on the real life Police Department.

The police officer is Officer Mike Trolley, a black man from Chicago.

He is the chief of the department and is also a former cop.

“In the first LEGO movie, there was this really nice guy named Mike Travitz, who was the Chief of the Police,” said Stork.

“We wanted to introduce that guy and Mike to the real world.”

And that’s exactly what they did.

“A lot of people in the LEGO community have been wondering if it’s possible to be black and male, and if you’re able to be in a police uniform,” said Simon Whitlock, who stars as Officer Travatz.

“It’s not something that happens in the universe, so I don’t know if it happens in real life,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“But that’s the premise of the movie.

It gives them a chance to be who they are, and to be heroes.

It also makes the movie even more inclusive.”

There’s no word on whether Mike Tlevitz will be wearing the black and white uniform that’s worn by the LEGO cop characters, or whether the character will have his own uniform.

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