I love the movie “Policeman”, so much that I had to create a new meme for the title. 

The cop meme is a series of words used by a cop to describe something.

“Piss off” is the perfect example.

It refers to an angry cop, “torture” is for an abusive officer, and “waste” is an officer who uses his position to waste time and money on other people’s crap.

If you’ve ever watched the film, you’ve probably noticed how the cop is so frequently using this word.

The cop in question is the main character, a retired cop who gets his start as a young man in the police force.

He’s a veteran and he’s a father figure.

It’s clear that he’s proud of his life in the force and how he’s changed the lives of people around him.

His career was going pretty well until a bad incident happens. 

He’s caught red handed in a parking lot by a young girl, and he wants to tell her that he has a special badge that will help him find his lost wallet.

The girl is the one that’s the most upset about this incident and has to come up with a plan to get rid of the badge.

The badge is a real life badge.

A cop, who is in an abusive relationship, uses his badge to find his wallet.

The cop in the movie was wearing the badge as he went out to help the girl.

What do you think of this cop meme?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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