The Naked Police is a Tumblr blog where players from all around the NFL can share their personal stories.

The group has over 100,000 followers, but this weekend, the group has decided to make a big change to the content.

“The reason we’ve decided to stop the Naked Police was because the community is so big and we just don’t want to see them disappear,” the blog post reads.

“We want them to be a part of the conversation about police brutality and racism in the NFL.”

The blog post is being written in response to the shooting of two police officers in Dallas, Texas on Friday.

In the wake of the shooting, many players and players’ families have been vocal about how they feel about police violence.

The group decided to put together a “naked policeman” tumblr page, but the blog does not specify exactly what the page is about.

The blog is also not an official Facebook page.

It does not have a “likes” button.

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