Police officers have long had a badge that represents authority, even if they’re often a bit more reserved than most people might expect.

That’s the case with the lapd police badge, a uniform that was designed by a retired officer who served as a member of the Toronto Police Service’s internal investigations unit and the Chief of Police for the Toronto area.

The badge features a circular lapd, a circular symbol for a lapdog, on the left breast of the wearer.

The emblem also depicts a black stripe running across the lapdog and a black diamond in the lap dog’s mouth, with the words lapd on the bottom right.

The lapdog is a lap dog, a dog that is trained to sniff out narcotics and other contraband.

When the badge is worn, the wearer is a “lapdog” with the authority to arrest anyone he or she sees.

When worn by someone else, the badge indicates the wearer has authority over that person and, in most cases, that person is the owner of the dog.

The coat-of-arms of the city is a combination of three symbols: a diamond and a star.

(City of Toronto) But the badge has been controversial, with some critics saying it represents an excessive amount of authority.

“The lapdog was designed to be an officer badge that would be worn by law enforcement officers.

But what you are really getting is a badge for the police officer who is the lap handler, the person who is supposed to be the one who is there to protect the dogs,” said Robyn Leitch, a former Toronto police officer and president of the police officers’ union.

“It’s not only an unnecessary badge, it is an unnecessary police badge.”

“The badge was designed so that the officer that was wearing it could actually stop somebody,” Leitch said.

“They’re supposed to have the authority, but they’re not supposed to do that.”

The badge was initially intended to be worn at a uniformed ceremony, said Rob Bouchard, a spokesperson for the Canadian Police Association, but was altered to a police service uniform after being deemed too “inappropriate” by the union.

The Toronto police union was in the midst of an internal investigation into the badge’s design when the association released its own findings.

The report said the lapdogs “do not have the same level of authority as officers in the Toronto police service and are often the ones who are called upon to enforce the law in their area.”

“It is clear from the report that the lap dogs wear the badge as a badge of authority to be used by the lap handlers,” said Bouchart.

“This is a very important badge for our officers to wear and to wear in the presence of others.”

The report also noted the badge “did not allow the use of lap dogs as a way to protect a dog from a threat.”

It also said “in the majority of cases, the lapies are trained to detect drugs and contraband, but it is not clear that they are trained enough to detect the presence or use of contraband when a dog is present.”

Some people, including police officers, have said that it’s too much authority for the badge to have.

“A lapdog can’t be a drug dog.

It’s a canine,” said Leitch.

“So you’re giving away a lot of authority when you’re trying to wear a badge and not be seen with your dog.”

The police union said that in the most common situations, officers are not required to wear the lapdy.

In other cases, officers may wear the flag as a uniform but that flag does not contain a lapdy or a police dog.

“We don’t wear our badge on a uniform, but in the event that we were to have a lapd officer, we would wear the red and white lapdy on a vest or a collar,” said Rachael Baugh, a Toronto police spokesperson.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

The lapd badge has also been criticized by some people, who argue that the police badge could be more appropriate for the job than the lapie, which has been used as a tool for law enforcement in some other jurisdictions.

“That’s not an appropriate way to wear it.

If the badge was the same for all of the different departments, you’d have a different badge that was appropriate for different departments,” said David Leitch of the Ontario Police Chiefs’ Association.

“I think you could look at it in terms of, if you’re going to have to use a dog to arrest someone, then a dog would be an appropriate option.”

In some areas, including the Toronto region, the police service has been using a combination that uses a lap-dog badge as well as a lapD dog, said Leich.

The TPS said in a statement that its members are encouraged to wear their lapd when doing their jobs.

Toronto Police Service

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