When the laughter machine went off, everyone started giggling.

The laughter machine was installed at the police department in the town of Alhambra, California, in 2009, and it was supposed to be used by a special squad of officers.

But in the first two years of operation, the laughter machines only gave the officers a couple of laughs per week.

So, the Alhambras laugh squad was formed, and they began training for the machines.

The Alhambros laugh squad, which has been in place for the past two years, has made a name for itself by making the police force laugh.

And so, when it came time for the squad to perform its first real routine on Tuesday night, the officers in attendance did not want to miss out.

So, they asked for an interpreter, and the squad of four began their routine.

As they began their first routine, the officer in charge of the squad was visibly embarrassed.

But, the rest of the officers laughed their asses off.

“You’re welcome, I’m so proud of you,” the officer said to the laughing squad members.

The squad then performed their routine, and all of a sudden, the laughing cop was laughing like an idiot.

“Thank you very much, thank you very very much,” the laughing officer said.

The joke was on them.

It was a moment that captured the hearts of the Alabamas, the citizens of Albracos, and many other police departments across the country.

The officer was not amused.

“I just can’t believe you, that’s what you guys are doing,” the smiling officer said while giving the squad a thumbs up.

The squad members were not happy about the comment.

“Well, what you’re doing is so much more than just making fun of us,” the cop said.

“I don’t think it’s even funny.”

The Alabamas laughter squad is the largest laughing police force in the country, and that’s thanks to the support of their friends.

They get help from the Alameda County Sheriffs Department, which provides them with uniforms and supplies.

They also get help with all of the other things that go into the routine: the microphones, the computers, the police radio system, and so on.

The funny cops don’t just laugh at the bad cops, they laugh at themselves, too.

The officers also make sure that everyone in the department has a laugh at least once a day.

And, as a reward, they also get a new uniform every year.

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