Posted February 01, 2018 07:14:16When you see the police come to your door, you’re going to have a few seconds to react.

You can probably hear the crackle of a police car approaching your door.

The officer is waiting for you, armed with a baton and a stun gun.

You’re going into an ambush situation, and you need to be prepared.

This is the moment you’re waiting for, the moment when you know the officer is coming, that he’s about to start a fight.

But it’s a moment you won’t have, until you hear a gunshot.

That’s when you’re in a situation where the police are on your tail.

That moment is when you see a policeman’s dead daughter and you cry, “What’s happening?”

That moment, it’s the most difficult one.

The father of a policeman killed in the line of duty has died after an ambush on the streets of Sydney.

Police Commissioner Michael Malone told ABC Radio Sydney that the officer was hit with a stun and died on the spot.

“We’re not going to be commenting on what happened.

That’s not in the public interest,” he said.

The ambush was one of several involving the police in the first week of February.

Police said at the time that there were six people involved.

The first ambush happened on February 8, when a man, who was unarmed, was shot in the head by an off-duty police officer.

The man was later found dead in his car, the NSW Police Union said.

A second ambush occurred on February 10, when another man was shot by police after they chased him down a street in a stolen car.

Police did not release the man’s identity, and the man is still missing.

Police say that a third officer, who has not been identified, was injured during the ambush.

The fourth officer was injured in the attack.

The fifth officer was shot twice, but he is expected to survive.

He is currently being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Sydney.

“It’s a sad day for all of us that the man who was shot on February 6 was tragically killed in an ambush,” Chief Commissioner Malone said.

“His daughter was one person, the other two officers were injured, one seriously and one is still in hospital.”

“Our condolences go out to the family of the man killed in a deadly ambush on February 4.”

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