In the past few weeks, a number of police officers have been found guilty of rape, murder, and other sexual assaults against young women.

As a result of the revelations, it’s clear that some police officers do not deserve their positions of power.

They are not good police officers.

They have become corrupt.

They may be corrupt in their motives and actions, but that doesn’t make them bad people.

As it turns out, it can be a great benefit to be a cop.

But being a cop is not everything.

Not only does being a police officer make you rich, it also gives you a moral compass.

It can be fun to work with some good cops.

It’s a good feeling to know that you’re not alone in this world.

That there are other cops out there who are out there fighting for the public good, who love their job, and who respect the authority that comes with being a policeman.

It also gives officers a sense of pride, because they are being held accountable.

In order to get that feeling of pride from a police captain, he or she has to learn how to be humble.

The best way to do this is to be honest with yourself.

In your heart, do you think you deserve to be on the street?

Do you feel guilty about being an officer who has committed these crimes?

Do other officers make you feel bad?

What about the people around you?

Do they care that you are a cop?

Are they happy with the way you do your job?

And most importantly, what does it feel like to be an officer?

When you’re a cop, it feels good to be respected.

To be respected is a feeling that you have earned.

It feels good when you are safe, when you feel you are protecting your community, and when you know that everyone is watching.

If you feel that you deserve that respect, you should be willing to do your best to earn it.

The other day, I sat down with a retired police captain to talk about his career.

He’s a very honest man, and he said something that I hadn’t thought about yet: “I’ve got two children.

I don’t want to be out there with a bunch of people who want to do whatever they want to me.

I’m going to put my kids first.

I’ll never let them get hurt, I’ll always protect them.

I won’t go to work for a cop who has done these things.”

This sounds very much like what I’ve been thinking for the past two weeks, when I was reading a story about a cop with a wife who was raped.

I’ve never seen anyone in my life say that.

I have always been a person of compassion.

I know how to listen to people, I know what to say, and I’m willing to take on the challenge of doing something positive for the community.

I just wish that I had been a cop for longer.

I think I would have learned that lesson sooner than I did.

I wish I had started a business.

I would like to see my kids become a police chief, a school principal, a teacher.

And I would love to be able to have some peace of mind knowing that the people I care about will never be threatened.

But I can’t.

I cannot change what happened to me or anyone else, and this is my life.

I can only choose to live my life with the knowledge that it was wrong.

And if I live by the motto of ‘you don’t make mistakes, you learn from them,’ then I can make a difference.

I hope that these experiences have made you realize that being a good cop doesn’t have to mean you have to be dishonest.

If someone tells you that you do not have the qualities that you think are needed to be good police, don’t let them intimidate you.

They’re lying to you.

And don’t listen to them.

Don’t believe their lies.

If a cop tells you you’re going to lose your job if you don’t get on board with what they’re telling you, don, too.

Don’ t be afraid to ask questions.

Don t be ashamed to challenge them.

If they’re lying, don’ t believe them.

Be willing to change the way they behave.

Don”t be afraid of them, because you’re still the one who has to suffer from the consequences.

You might think that being honest is hard, but it”ll be worth it.

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