This week, I was asked to answer a question that I’m used to answering every day: When does an internet cartoon show itself online? 

I was surprised to learn that this was actually the answer. 

The internet has always been a funny place, so it’s a little surprising that this question would pop up. 

But as you can see in the video above, the answer is definitely yes. 

The funny police cartoon, created by a user named “Bravo” on Reddit, features a police officer dressed in a clown mask and holding a toy revolver. 

“I love that I can use the same gun with both my hands and my arms, and that my gun can be pointed at a crowd and still be able to be accurate,” Bravo wrote. 

In the first panel, a clown stands on a street corner holding a gun and holding an umbrella. 

When he is about to shoot someone, he pulls out a toy gun and shoots it into the air. 

A second panel shows a police car in reverse. 

This time, a man walks in and shoots the police car. 

Bravos post is full of fun, goofy humor, but the humor does seem a little too innocent. 

After the cartoon shows up on Reddit and the Internet, it’s hard to tell if Bravo is just trolling, or if his joke is actually going to have a positive effect on public opinion. 

If Bravo is trolling, however, then it’s possible that his cartoon is actually helping to raise awareness for gun safety and making people laugh. 

For example, the cartoon has already generated more than 1,400 responses to its first response thread. 

According to a Reddit user named ‘Turtle’ who commented on the video, the “lulz” that comes with the video are the jokes that “can only be found on Reddit.” 

“When you make something funny on Reddit you can get a bunch of replies.

That’s what I was hoping for,” Turtle said. 

You can watch Bravo’s “laugh-in” below:

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