German traffic policemen are being treated with contempt and suspicion, while a high-ranking traffic cop in the state of Heisei has been accused of abusing his position to prey on disabled people.

The local police chief was sacked after the scandal erupted in January.

A petition for his reinstatement was presented by disability rights activists at the state parliament in Heiseis home town of Wuppertal, which has a large German-speaking minority.

In response, the state government said that it would launch an internal investigation into the matter.

The chief of the traffic police unit in Heisenberg is said to have taken advantage of his position by asking disabled people to sit in a queue for him, and using them to transport disabled patients and their possessions to the station.

The complaint was filed by a disabled woman who said that she had been stopped at a toll booth and asked to sit down by a traffic cop while he waited to enter the station with a patient.

The woman said that the traffic cop made her sit in the same place as another man while the man drove the patient to a separate car.

The woman told the news outlet that she and the other man had a similar complaint against the same officer a few months earlier.

The police chief’s behaviour was also reported to be “unacceptable”, the state minister for justice, Thomas Wieser, said.

Police in Heistern-Munich are being blamed for treating disabled people with contempt.

A disability rights group called the Disabled Action Center said that traffic officers in Heismern-Michalled and other municipalities are known to harass disabled people who complain about their treatment.

“The police often behave in a manner that belittles disabled people’s right to privacy,” the center said in a statement.

The group also accused police of treating disabled persons as a “third class” group, with the police chief taking advantage of their disability to bully them.

The police chief, identified as Thomas Jäger, has not commented publicly.

He has also denied the allegations, calling them “ridiculous” and saying he had received death threats.

Heisenberg state has a majority of German-language speakers and is home to some of Germany’s largest and most influential companies, including Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, and Siemens AG.

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