A New Zealand policeman has found a way to say “PRAYER” without saying “POWER!” by using a word brain, a British newspaper reported.

A dog has been trained to perform the task, and it’s being trained to speak by using the word brain.

A team of dog trainers from the Paws of Hope Foundation in the UK has trained the dog, named Paw Patrol, and the word is spoken by the canine in a video.

The video is being shared on the charity’s website and is titled “Paw Patrol”.

The video shows the canine, who was trained by the charity in a lab, barking as it talks to Paw Patrol.

“I have to say the word ‘praise’ to him when he’s done saying ‘thank you’,” the dog’s trainer, Dr. Peter Breen, told The Daily Telegraph.

“We’re saying, ‘thank God you’re here’.

We’re also saying ‘thanks for coming’, which is the first thing Paw Patrol does when it comes to praise.”

Breen said Paw Patrol has also learned to say ‘thanks’ when it’s happy.

“Paws of hope is a charity which uses the word Praise when they want to praise someone for something they’ve done,” Breen told The Telegraph.

Paw Patrol was trained to say Praise by the British police, who had trained Paw Patrol in the lab to speak the word.

Breen explained that Paw Patrol is not a dog, but rather a brain.

“The brain is the thing that creates the language,” he said.

“And the thing which we can do is to train Paw Patrol to be a brain, by making Paw Patrol say Praize and then by teaching it the word to say thank you.”

So, Paw Patrol can be Praise or Thank you.

“The video of the dog is being posted on the Pops of Hope website.

Breens said the team will continue to train the dog and its handlers to train it for the task of Praise.

“But if you want to use Praise in a loving way, then just say thank.” “

Praise is very powerful, so there are lots of people in the world who would be happy to give their dog a dog and teach them to praise,” he told The Independent.

“But if you want to use Praise in a loving way, then just say thank.”

Paws is a British police dog trained to talk by saying Praise, which is an acronym for “Thank you for coming.”

Beren said he hopes the video will inspire others to do the same.

“You know when people get into their cars, or their cars pull up to the front door, and people are like, ‘You can’t have your dog here,’?” he said, explaining the phrase.

“It’s a big deal, so I think it’s really important to say Thank you when you say Praiser.”

Brien said the video has raised a lot of interest and donations to the Pursuance Foundation, which provides dog training and educational support for law enforcement.

“They’re just fantastic people, they’ve got great ideas and they’ve been really helpful and have given us a lot to learn,” he added.

“People are going to be saying Praiser, Praise and thank you for your help.”

Bennings wife, who also works as a police officer, is also in the video.

“If you see a police dog barking, it’s a very important signal that you should come and say hello,” she told the Daily Telegraph in a phone interview.

“A dog is really important for the police, but you can have a dog at your house and you can be as friendly as you want and you still have a chance of getting your dog back.”

The dog was trained for a month, before being released into the wild, where he was given the task by the Puts of Hope.

The charity has been in the United Kingdom since 2008, and Breen has since gone on to train other dogs in the U.K. to do Praise tasks.

He told the BBC that he is very proud of the work he and his dog have done.

“For us to be able to train and have this dog do Praiser is amazing.

I’m really happy,” he explained.

“To get to this stage is very humbling.”

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