Police are now being told they can use a sleeping police officer to protect themselves from crime in some areas.

A new study into the effectiveness of these sleeping police officers has been carried out by the Metropolitan Police, with the aim of finding out if they can help tackle the problem of domestic violence.

The study, carried out with the help of the UK’s National Policing Improvement Agency (NPI), found that a sleeping officer could help officers deal with incidents involving domestic violence, particularly if the officer had the ability to recognise a person’s behaviour in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

A police officer in the UK is only required to wear a mask while on duty and a sleeping constable is not required to do the same.

This makes the police sleeping constables ideal at helping police to identify and deal with those who have been involved in domestic violence incidents.

The NPI’s study found that in the first week of a domestic violence incident, officers in the sleep-walking force were more likely to be able to identify a person in the aftermath of a violent incident and intervene with the person to protect them from harm.

“Sleepwalking officers provide an invaluable service to our community,” said the Met’s assistant commissioner of policing, Peter MacDougall.

The study also found that the sleepwalking constables were also more likely than the police officers to be present at the scene of a police incident, helping to minimise the impact of that incident on the public.

While the police are often reluctant to use their sleeping police constables, the NPI believes that officers should be allowed to do so if they are able to prove their ability to identify an individual’s behaviour and act to prevent it, while not making an arrest.

Sleepwalking police constable The sleepwalking police are normally employed by the Met to deal with domestic violence in areas where there is a high risk of domestic abuse.

However, the officers are not normally trained to deal effectively with incidents in which a person is seriously injured.

The Metropolitan Police’s study looked at how officers in areas with high levels of domestic and sexual violence reported incidents, and whether officers could identify individuals involved in the incidents.

It also looked at whether officers who were sleeping constricted their behaviour in situations where they could intervene in a way that protected the people involved.

In the first two weeks of the study, the sleeping constabulary were used in a total of 21 domestic violence cases, with 12 cases involving assault and seven cases involving robbery.

Of those cases, 15 were in areas of high domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Of the 15 cases in which the constable was sleeping, the constables in the sleeping unit had been at the site for less than two hours.

When the sleeping police were in the presence of a suspect, they were also used in more than 70% of cases, but the number of times they were deployed in a single case was very low.

The sleepwalkers were deployed to help prevent the person committing further acts of violence, and to ensure the person did not get away with a violent act, such as assault.

The results of the sleepwalk study showed that officers were significantly more likely, when they were sleeping, to be identified as having acted appropriately when they came under attack.

In the case of an assault case, the sleepwalker had been in the field for around two hours when the attack occurred, and in another case, they had been on duty for more than eight hours.

In the two cases of robbery, the force was in the street for just over two hours, and the sleep walkers were in and around the scene for around three hours.

This suggests that sleepwalking officers are more likely when they are deployed to assist the police.

The police said the study found officers in police units with sleepwalking sleep constables are much more likely in these types of incidents to be called to respond, rather than be called for further action.

However, there are a number of areas where officers are unable to sleepwalk, including: in high-risk areas, where there are few or no options for dealing with violence or to avoid arrest.

In some parts of the country, police forces have introduced the use of sleepwalking as a result of the NSPI study.

The use of the sleeping Constables is limited in certain parts of England and Wales, but is being tested in other areas.

According to NPI, there have been a number other cases where officers have been deployed in situations that are not designed to protect their lives, such a situation in which an individual is seriously assaulted and the officer does not have the option to use the sleeping officer as a means of intervening.

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