A young, handsome and charismatic cop with a troubled past and a troubled future.

Walt Chavis is a detective in a small, sleepy town.

He is the son of a retired police officer, and his mother was murdered.

It is up to Chavis to track down the killers.

His mission: to bring justice to the people of Taunton, Pennsylvania, whose only connection to the world outside the police force is a local McDonald’s.

A young, attractive woman named Katey is also a former cop, and Chavis wants to bring her to justice.

But what happens when the young man in the video starts dating a young woman, and she starts dating the police officer?

Chavis is in a tough spot.

The woman is an undercover cop, posing as a drug dealer.

Her parents have been killed, and the young woman is being pursued by Chavis.

Chavis and Katey’s relationship is on the brink of breaking up, as Chavis becomes more and more distant from the family.

Katey has a new boyfriend, and it’s unclear what his name is.

“The police are not there to serve and protect.

They are there to take money,” Chavis says.

“I feel like it’s not my job to protect the citizens of Tampico.”

Chavis also has a complicated relationship with his estranged father, who he feels is out to get him.

Chairs are a common feature in this cop comedy, and Kateys father, Jimmy Chavis, plays the role of the police chief, which is a bit of a strange thing for Chavis in a film where he has to deal with a lot of other people.

Jimmy Chavis also stars in this movie as a detective.

What’s happening in this clip?

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