Wired: A man has been arrested for allegedly killing a police officer and throwing him off a bridge after a confrontation on the Las Vegas Strip.

The unnamed officer was found dead Saturday in the area of Las Vegas Boulevard and South Henderson Street, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The suspect has not been identified.

Police said the man, identified by police as Michael R. Johnson, 35, was arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

The LAPD said that Johnson, a retired LVMPD officer, was “involved in a physical altercation with another person at a casino hotel,” according to the Times.

The two exchanged words and Johnson allegedly threw him off the Las Angeles Boulevard bridge.

Johnson was found by an LAPD officer, who notified authorities, according to a statement from the Los Angles Metropolitan Police District.

He was transported to a hospital for treatment, the statement said.

Johnson, a white man, was found to be wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, a blue jacket and sunglasses, the Times reported, citing LAPD.LVMPS Sgt. Michael DeSantis told the Times that Johnson’s body was discovered “on a bridge” on Las Vegas Blvd., which runs south from the Las Veres Hotel.

He said officers “have the right to respond to a violent incident like this.

If a police service is there, they can respond and they should, but when they’re out on the street, there’s no reason to have a confrontation with a law enforcement officer,” DeSantsons statement said, according the Times .

The officers’ identities were not released.

Johnson is the third LVMPS officer to die on the job in recent months.

In August, a police sergeant was found shot and killed on the city’s Las Vegas strip.

The shooting occurred after a man was spotted trying to run a red light and was shot by a responding officer.

The shooting in Las Vegas sparked days of protests and violence in the city, as well as nationwide protests against the police and the death of Philando Castile, who was killed in a traffic stop by police.

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