A police officer with a hat on his head and a big smile could easily be mistaken for a caricature of a stereotype.

But the United States has been on a roll of stereotypes of its own this year, and it’s not just the stereotypical hats.

This month, an Iowa police officer was suspended after it was revealed that he wore a shirt that read “Police officer” on it during a stop.

It’s not the first time a police officer has been suspended for wearing a hat.

And while the hat-wearing has mostly been confined to Iowa, there are plenty of police officers around the country who are wearing it.

Here’s a look at some other recent incidents involving police officers who were caught wearing hats, hats and more hats.

Iowa State police officer suspended after wearing hat and other items that included the phrase “I’m gonna go home” during stopThe Iowa State Police said in a statement on Thursday that a senior sergeant was suspended for five days without pay after wearing a police hat and a hat with the phrase, “I Am Going Home.”

The sergeant is no longer employed with the state police, the statement said.

“I am very sorry to the people of Iowa who have been hurt by this unfortunate incident and the Iowa State Patrol,” Iowa State State Police Superintendent Robert Johnson said in the statement.

The statement said the sergeant’s name has not been released and he has been placed on administrative leave.

The Iowa police chief, who is also an assistant chief of the state’s law enforcement agency, is not on leave and has not resigned.

“The Iowa Police Department and the state are both aware of the incident and are working closely with the Iowa Attorney General’s office to review the circumstances surrounding this incident,” the statement added.

The Iowa State University Police Department said in January that it was suspending a deputy chief who was wearing a “black-and-white” shirt while on duty.

The university later apologized.

“A number of our departments have been working to make the campus safer in recent years,” the university said in March.

“Our officers are expected to uphold the law and to serve their communities in an appropriate and respectful manner.”

The Department of Homeland Security was quick to call out a Florida police officer who was caught on video wearing a baseball cap during a traffic stop.

In December, a Georgia police officer had his uniform and badge confiscated after a traffic violation.

And a Florida man was suspended in July after a woman told police he was wearing an “I” on his shirt.

In December, the Florida State University police department apologized after a female officer was caught wearing a wig and a “H” on her shirt during a confrontation with a man.

The officer said he was responding to a call of a disturbance.

The department said it had no comment about the incident.

“We apologize for any offense this may have caused,” the FSU Police Department wrote in a letter to the student newspaper.

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