The man who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his 20s but had a difficult upbringing as a disabled boy, was inspired to become a cop when he saw a cardboard cop, who had helped him with his schoolwork, say he would like to be a police commissioner.

The cardboard cop was talking to the disabled man in a park in the city of Vaduz, and the man was standing at attention, but the cardboard cop asked him to stop.

The disabled man started talking, and he was not listening.

The cardboard cop told the man that he would be doing a good job if he could do the job.

The man asked why, and after some hesitation, the cardboard police officer replied, “I am not able to do it.

You can help me.”

The cardboard policeman was amazed, and said he would do it if the man would help him, but he never did.

When the man saw him at the park, he was shocked.

“I was shocked that he was able to talk to me,” the man said.

“It was amazing.”

The man said he has been a policeman for 11 years, but has always been disabled.

He has cerebral palsy, but was able for the first time to take a bike into work.

He was asked to help the disabled person who was walking on the streets, and it was the first of many incidents that have helped him become a policeman.

He is also the father of two sons, and has always worked hard to support his family.

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