Police officers, including France’s police chief, have a long history of wearing a costume and uniform that looks almost like a uniform.

In many countries, the police department has adopted uniforms that are more akin to civilian uniforms, and police have even used their uniforms to dress up as superheroes, like the Batman.

But in some countries, like Australia, this is considered a sign of disrespect, especially for women.

In France, however, a policeman wearing a female uniform and cape is considered disrespectful.

As such, police officers and other employees can be seen wearing costumes of women at some public events, such as sporting events and concerts.

However, some people have taken to calling this practice “copying” and have taken action against police who have taken the costumes as a sign that they respect women.

“Copying” is an act of copying another artist or idea, according to the American-based group, Copypasta.

“This is an attempt to mimic something that has a similar appearance to an existing object,” it explained in a video.

The police in France have also been accused of copying female costumes and masks.

Police officer dressed as the princess, by @daniel_l_cannon pic.twitter.com/9wKq2r5pDZ — COPYPASTA (@Copypasta) July 7, 2019 “This shows a disrespect for women and their femininity,” police spokesman Sylvie Cazeneuve said in a statement.

“It is a form of gender-based oppression and should not be tolerated,” she added.

“If we don’t treat people as equals and treat them as individuals, we will have to face the fact that they will act in ways that can create the conditions of their exclusion.”

The French police department is known for its diverse uniforms, including a number that can be worn with a cape.

“The Paris police wear uniform of a woman in the traditional style, the uniform of the police in the 21st century,” Cazanneuve said.

“In this context, the use of a police uniform is not disrespectful.

We have to be mindful of the gender of the officer and the culture of the city in which we live.”

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