A policeman’s song is the latest in a string of Australian songs that have been adapted for use on social media.

Police, for example, have used it to promote the use of body armour and other body armour-related gear.

A similar trend is seen in Western Australia, where a local cop song has been adapted to celebrate the state’s police officers.

The cop song was first played in the 1930s by a local policeman who was playing the song in a bar and was told by a customer he would be shot by the police if he continued playing the tune.

He did, and the song was then re-recorded by a different local cop.

In 2012, a local police officer played a different cop song in the same bar.

“He had been playing the cop’s song at least a hundred times before that, and it was just the one he had on the tape,” said one of the band’s co-founders, Robyn O’Connor.

But when it came to the song being used in a commercial video, the band had a different idea.

They wrote it in a different style, using their own version of the lyrics.

Police music is now widely recognised as a popular and iconic song across Australia.

It has been used in popular culture, including films, television, radio and in popular music.

This is why I’m singing the cop!

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said the cop songs were being used by businesses to promote their products.

A spokeswoman said police would continue to promote police officers and their work in the song.

She said the video had been used on a range of public service announcements and advertisements.

Answering questions about whether the cop was the first to use the cop-song, the ABC said it was in fact the second.

The first, which is from the 1930’s, was played in a local bar.

It was a popular local tune and became popular with the bar’s customers, the broadcaster said.

It was recorded by a group of local musicians who recorded the songs and used them in their music videos.

After a decade of recording and performing the cop tunes, the Australian Broadcasting Commission in 2016 paid tribute to the songs.


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