The first line: “There was a dog who lived with the rest of us.”

“A dog who lives with the whole world?” the joke goes.

“He’s a man with no body, he can’t breathe, he’s a retard.”

The second line: He was always in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk properly.

The third line: That’s a big deal.

“The fourth line: This dog has a huge penis, and it’s always with him when he’s peeing.

The fifth line: The dog always walks in the same direction.

And so on.

The jokes are funny, they’re cheeky, they have a sense of humour.

It’s the sort of humour that’s meant to be taken seriously, not dismissed as harmless banter.

But, in reality, they are the kind of humour most people would find offensive.

In Australia, there are about 10 million people with disabilities.

About half of those people are the most vulnerable, said John Wetherill, the director of the Disability Rights Centre of NSW, where he is a trustee.

There is a perception that disability can’t be worked around, Wetheril said.

“They might think they are going to be stuck with their old job or they might think it’s their job to take care of the house, and they may not know the difference between a house and a car.””

There are times when people are not aware of what their disability is,” he said.

“They might think they are going to be stuck with their old job or they might think it’s their job to take care of the house, and they may not know the difference between a house and a car.”

If they are walking, and you are not using your hands, or you are walking slowly, or they are not walking properly, they don’t realise that there are things they can do that will be of benefit.

“So how can disabled people use humour to raise awareness?

There are many ways to be funny.

You can joke about being in a hospital, or a prison, or having a hard time eating food.

Or you can be more inclusive, and make fun of people who are in different circumstances.

“There’s a great deal of humor in saying that you are a lot more tolerant of people with different circumstances.” “

It can be very effective when people aren’t expecting you to be serious,” Wetherick said.

“There’s a great deal of humor in saying that you are a lot more tolerant of people with different circumstances.”

And, of course, it’s not just disabled people who use humour.

People with disabilities are a vocal minority.

There’s a widespread belief that they are somehow less capable than the general population.

But disability is a disability, and being disabled is not a sign of weakness.

A person with a disability can use humour and sarcasm to show that he or she is aware of a disability and is also aware that others have a disability as well.

That’s what happened with the joke about the wheelchair, Woehl said.

“It was really an effort to make it a little bit more funny, and then to be able to use that humour as a way of expressing a disability in a way that is actually helpful and not hurtful to people who may not be aware of it,” she said.

A disability can be so different from someone else’s, that it can feel alienating, Wodlick said, “because you feel that the other person is just another person.

And that’s not really the case at all.”

It’s a funny way to make people aware of their disability.

It may also be useful in situations where humour may seem too serious.

For example, if a person is trying to find a job that is relevant to their disability, Wody said, you can use it to say “I’m not looking for that job, I’m looking for a job in a different category”.

“And you can say that because you’re looking for something more positive, not just in your job, but in the life of the person you are with,” Wody added.

If someone is being told by their GP that they have an eating disorder, Wolly said, use humour in order to be realistic.

“You might be tempted to just use a joke, because you don’t want to be like, ‘Oh, I know that’s why I’m not eating,’ but it’s a good way to be really clear, and that’s really what I’m trying to do,” she added.

For those who struggle to get the humour out of their own heads, there’s also the humour that is meant to show support.

And if you’re having trouble seeing the humour in the jokes, there is a great app called The Comedy Channel, which offers a number of humorous ways to share your own humour.

The Comedy Channel is available on iOS, Android, and web, and is a free service.

The Comedy channel is available in more than 100 languages, and has

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