A retired Ottawa police officer who has served as an RCMP officer for 20 years says he thinks the government should select one of those two chiefs.

But that’s not the only possible choice.

Here’s the story behind the two top jobs.


Prime Minister A retired Ottawa policeman who has lived in Ottawa for more than a decade says he is not a fan of one of his colleagues, but he’s willing to vote for the other.

The retired officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is in a position of privilege, said he voted for Justice Minister Rob Nicholson in the 2015 federal election.

“I’m not a big fan of Justice Nicholson, but I’m willing to give him a shot,” he said.

“There are people who could run this country better than him.”


Auditor General The retired Ottawa accountant says he’s not ready to retire and would like to stay with the department for another decade.

“The auditor general is the biggest job in the government,” he says.

The other two positions are administrative or political and I can’t imagine I’ll be interested in either of them.” “

It’s like the most important job in Canada.

The other two positions are administrative or political and I can’t imagine I’ll be interested in either of them.”

The retired Ottawa auditor said he believes the government has “a serious problem” in recruiting and retaining auditors.

“If you have someone who doesn’t care about this stuff and they’re just there to collect money and do nothing, then you have a problem,” he added.


Chief of Defence Staff The former chief of defence staff says he would be willing to serve as the Prime Minister.

“As long as the prime minister is looking for someone, I’d be willing, ” he said in an interview.

“At least if there’s a change of government, I would be open to being part of that change.”

But, he added, “I don’t see how I’d fit into the government.”


Police Minister The retiring Toronto officer, an Ottawa lawyer, says he supports the appointment of a new police chief, but doesn’t think the government needs another.

“This is a situation where I think there needs to be a lot more of a discussion about this, and the police are a hot-button issue right now, so I think it would be best for the government to focus on a new chief.”


Police Service of Canada The veteran Ottawa cop says he wants to remain with the RCMP, but says he doesn’t see a job for him in the current government.

“They haven’t really offered me any job opportunities,” he explained.

“So, I don’t really see what’s the point of it.”


Attorney General A retire Ottawa lawyer says he has not had a good experience working for the Liberal government and is not prepared to stay.

“No one wants to be there,” he wrote in an email to The Globe and Mail.

“Everyone is so used to working for people, so why would I be bothered to work for people?”


Auditor-General A former RCMP officer says he may be ready to return to the public service, but is not willing to become a member of the Senate or cabinet.

“People are going to be frustrated with me not being there, because they’re not going to like me as an auditor,” he told The Globe.

“And they’re going to get frustrated with the Auditor General.”


Deputy Attorney General and Chief of the RCMP’s Special Investigations Unit The retire Ottawa paramedic and retired police officer said he wants a deputy to the RCMP and has had a lot of success with that.

“Having an RCMP deputy is a good thing,” he writes.

“For now I am happy working in the Special Investigations unit of the police.”

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