I’m not sure what to make of the idea that police should be able to “marry” a cop.

I think it’s a terrible idea.

There are two things that make it particularly bad: 1) The problem with cops marrying their officers is that it’s not just that they’ve married a cop, but that they can now “marrow” him.

This would mean that if a cop is killed, he or she would be “married” to that cop, and could have their own children.

But it also means that cops can also be “married” to a person who is already married to them, so that, if the marriage breaks down, they can claim that the couple is “marrying” another cop.

2) Marriage is one of those things that happens in America that can’t happen to anybody, but has to happen to police officers.

So if you are married to a cop who has been on the job for at least three years, you can be divorced in New York.

If you are a cop married to someone who has worked for the department for at most a year, you’re not married to him or her.

It is perfectly legal for police to marry officers and “maroon” them in order to “divorce” them.

That doesn’t make the law a crime.

The problem is that in a world where everyone is allowed to marry anybody, the only way to “marriage” a police officer is by “marrowing” him or “marri[ing]” her.

This means that if the two cops decide to divorce, they could be charged with “marriage” and “abandoning” a spouse.

In other words, they might be guilty of breaking the law if they “marrim[ed]” a husband.

But, again, that’s not what this law is about.

It’s not about being “maried” to another cop or any other married cop.

It doesn’t even involve the marriage itself.

It just means that the two police officers have married each other.

It wouldn’t even make a difference if they got divorced, because that’s the way it usually works in New Jersey, where it’s perfectly legal to get divorced, even if one spouse is a cop and the other is not.

What this law does is create a huge loophole for cops to marry their own spouses, even when it’s legally not possible to get married.

In some cases, police can get away with it by claiming that the other person was “marred” when he or her own wife got divorced and that the divorce was legally “unjustified.”

But in other cases, like the one in New Hampshire, the marriage would be invalid if it were found to be “unfair.”

So in other words: a marriage that is legally valid and valid but which is invalid under the law is a legal marriage.

And so the law itself doesn’t really help anybody.

It might help the officers in the relationship, but it’s very likely to hurt them in the long run.

In New Hampshire and elsewhere, the problem is especially acute because police have a huge amount of power over their own families.

In the case of New Hampshire’s new law, for instance, police are now legally allowed to take custody of a child they don’t have, even though there is no statutory provision for that.

And if a parent is under 18 years old and they have a child with a police partner, they are not supposed to give it to them.

This is a situation where the only person who has a right to control his or her child is the parent.

So, under New Hampshire law, police officers can take their own kids out of the care of their parents.

And when the parents are under 18, they have the right to refuse to allow them to have a parent.

That is precisely the problem.

The parents can refuse to let the children go, because they don.

But if the parents don’t want the children, they’re allowed to make their own decision.

In contrast, police have no such authority over their children, even with a court order.

If a child is abused, neglected, or neglected to the point of suicide, police cannot take the child to the hospital to be evaluated, unless they are going to kill them or put them in a car.

That’s what happened in the case in which police killed a 13-year-old girl.

Police were able to take her to a police precinct and lie to her that she had a gun, and that she was carrying a gun.

She didn’t have a gun and didn’t carry a gun in her car.

Police had a legal right to do that, and she didn’t, and the state took her life anyway.

It was a tragedy, and it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to punish the parents for it.

But this is what happens when the police are allowed to “Marry” their own parents.

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