When a police officer’s uniform is unkempt and a few of his uniform buttons are missing, you’d think he’s hiding something.

But what you might be seeing is a member of the European Parliament trying to distract you from his incompetence.

In a video posted by the European parliament’s European Affairs Committee on Monday, the man in the video has his face hidden by a mask.

The man is dressed in a white shirt and dark pants, with his face obscured by a thick white mask.

He holds a broom and holds a small microphone to his ear, and says that he’s a member the European Commission.

He also holds a copy of a newspaper with the logo of a European Parliament press release.

“It’s not me that’s doing this,” the man says in the clip.

“It’s the European Union.

I’ve just come to inform you that we’re in a crisis and that the Commission is trying to prevent us from doing our job.”

The Commission is the EU’s executive arm and heads the European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commission.

It’s not known who made the video, and the video doesn’t show the man who made it.

But it’s likely that the man is a representative of the Commission.

The European Parliament has a position on the European Central Bank, which is an institution with which the Commission has been working closely since 2010.

The European Parliament’s position on monetary policy has been criticized in the past.

In October, European Parliament members voted to raise the ECB’s mandate from two years to four years.

It also raised the minimum length of a government bond from three years to six years.

The Parliament voted against the Commission’s plans to create a European Fiscal Fund.

In response, the Commission put forward plans to make the Fund a permanent fixture.

The Council of Europe, the body that oversees the European institutions, said in a statement Monday that it would be investigating the video.

The Council said that it was concerned that the Parliament was using its parliamentary privilege to seek to influence decisions about monetary policy.

The video comes a week after the European Court of Justice ruled that the EU is not a country and is therefore not obliged to implement its budget rules.

The decision by the Court of Auditors, which said that the Council of Ministers was the legal authority for the EU budget, was the first ruling by the court against the EU in nearly a decade.

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