A Sleeping Police Constable crossword puzzle, with an extra joke for the sleeping policeman, will go down in history as one of the funnest things ever.

The puzzle, designed by a Polish artist, was published in the Warsaw newspaper Zetamaz, which means ‘slightly odd’, and was posted to the website for the Polish-American community in August.

The original poster wrote that he would like to thank the police for a nice surprise.

“The police has come and taken the crossword and now I have a new puzzle to solve,” he said.

“I hope you enjoy it.”

The Polish police are known for their quirky and playful crossword puzzles, which often feature the words “Sleepwalking policeman”, “Sleeps a bit too long”, “A Sleeping Policemen” and “A Police Constable”.

In the first of the puzzle designs, the sleeping policemen are represented by two squares and the sleeping police are represented in a row of three squares.

This leads to the phrase “sleeping policemen crossword”.

“Sleep” is the second letter in the Polish alphabet and “police” is a double-slash, and “sleep” is written with a single dot.

The answer “A policeman” is on the top of the row of squares.

The police were not pleased, and the designer posted a photo of his creation on the website.

“There’s a police in the picture and I’m not the police,” the poster said.

The next puzzle was titled “The Sleeping Policemans Crossword”.

The puzzle has three squares, and each square has two words, “sleeper” and the word “police”.

The clue to the second puzzle was “The sleeping policeman crosswords” in a block with two squares.

“A sleeping policeman” was written on the block, but there was no answer for the first two puzzle questions.

The poster added: “The policemen have come and took the crosswords.”

The puzzle was released in the Poland’s top newspaper Zeta on August 25, and was not shared on Facebook or Twitter.

However, it was shared by the Polish Facebook group “A Polish Policeman” which is dedicated to Polish policemen.

“This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a crossword in a Polish newspaper,” one user said.

Another said: “It was so funny!

I’m going to go back and watch it again and see if it’s still funny.”

The “sleep policeman” crossword is one of several crossword-related puzzle puzzles which were published by Zeta, according to a Facebook post by the artist.

“Sleep policemen” crosswords are among the most popular crossword related puzzles and were designed by the creator of the “sleepwalking policeman” puzzle.

The crosswords were published on the site as a series of four crossword questions and answers.

“What is a sleeping policeman?” was one of four puzzle questions which are designed to give a clue to “A Policeman”, which was written with two dots.

The other four crosswords involved “sleeter” and one word.

“If you have a sleeping policemen crosswords you will know what a sleeping police is!” said another puzzle question.

The Polish national police department has not yet commented on the crossdashes, which were not mentioned in the original post.

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