The Hindu is celebrating the first Black Police Officer to serve in the Indian Police Service.

The police service of India has been a largely invisible and largely neglected institution.

The police have been under the protection of the Government of India since its inception in 1947.

In the past, the Indian police has only been given an official role as an instrument of state-led governance, but in the last few decades, its role has expanded to include a number of social, political and economic functions.

Today, Indian police is a highly integrated, integrated service.

The entire force has been amalgamated under the auspices of the Central Government.

This amalgamation of the force has given it the ability to provide services across all social and political divides.

It has also enabled the police to become an effective political institution, and has provided a strong link between the Government and the people.

The Indian Police Force was created in 1948 under the mandate of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

In 1950, Nehru formed the Central Police Force and the police became part of the police force of India.

The new organisation was officially created under the Public Order Act of 1948, and it was granted a police force with a population of almost 5 million.

The role of the Indian government was not as simple as the Prime Minister had hoped, but it was not without its challenges.

The Police Force had no mandate to enforce the law, and its mandate was to be a force of social control and enforcement.

It was also at the centre of the Emergency of 1949, which led to a series of social upheavals in the country.

The Emergency had forced the creation of a large number of new departments of police under the Central Govt.

The new Police Force, under the new name of the Civil Aviation Force, was tasked with dealing with the emergency.

The Civil Aviation Forces was tasked to coordinate air travel, transport and evacuation.

The two agencies were tasked with carrying out police activities in the aftermath of the crisis.

In addition, the Civil Affairs Department was tasked for providing relief, providing food, and providing shelter to the people of India during the Emergency.

As the Emergency began, the government felt that the police could not function effectively without the assistance of the civil authorities.

Therefore, in 1947, the then prime minister, Jawaharshi Nehru, appointed the then Home Minister, Jagmohan Singh, as the head of the new civil aviation forces.

The Home Ministry was tasked as the civil policing authority.

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, R.N. Singh, was also appointed as the new head of civil aviation.

The Civil Aviation Government was given a mandate to establish a Civil Aviation Directorate, a body that would be responsible for the regulation of civil aircraft and to supervise the civil aviation industry.

The Directorate was tasked not only with providing technical and financial assistance to the civil industry, but also with the establishment of the aviation sector in India.

The civil aviation sector was also tasked with training and certifying pilots, who were to be required to carry out civil aviation jobs in the civil service.

The Directorate was given the task of ensuring that civil aviation was not hijacked by the Indian Air Force.

It was also responsible for ensuring that the civil airline sector was not controlled by the Air Force as it had been during the crisis of the early 1950s.

As civil aviation and police activity in India expanded, the Directorate was asked to develop a Civil Aeronautics Code of Conduct.

In 1958, the DGCA was promulgated by the Chief Minister, Jawaharal Nehr.

The DGCA specified that the Indian civil aviation services should be administered in a transparent manner.

The code of conduct was a major step in the process of integrating civil aviation into the Indian Civil Aviation System.

The DGCA also provided a list of duties that the Directorate should undertake, including the establishment and maintenance of civil air traffic control systems and the provision of a Civil Aircraft Accreditation System for civil aviation operations.

It also set out procedures for ensuring the safe and effective operation of civil aeronautic operations.

The civil aviation code of practice was revised in 1960 and was revised again in 1971.

In 1972, the Department of Civil Aviation, Airports and Maritime Organisation was created under which the Directorate and the Civil Aerodromes and Civil Aviation Services were to jointly administer civil aviation activities in India, the first such entity to be created in India under the DGC.

In 1974, the Directorate was further empowered to provide the Civil Registration Office (CRA) with a civil aviation license.

The CRA was empowered to perform civil registration and certification of all civil aircraft, to perform the registration and licensing of civil passenger aircraft, and to issue the certificates of registration of all foreign passenger aircraft.

The CRL was also empowered to conduct the registration of foreign passenger air carriers and foreign commercial airlines, the registration, certification and registration of the vessels of foreign carriers and the issuance of certificates of certificates for

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