The rise of the retarded policeman and the rise of a new generation of policemen, who are often stereotyped as “soft,” “cold” and “hard,” has given rise to a new breed of policemen who are seen as the opposite of hardworking, intelligent and tough.

In a recent article for the New York Times, the author David Freedman described the phenomenon as “the rise of soft cops.”

“In the 1990s, police departments started to feel the pinch of crime,” he writes, “and they needed help.”

“So they made the hard cop.”

But in the new millennium, as a society, we need more soft cops.

As police officers, we can help solve problems and stop crime by enforcing laws and working with the public to reduce the use of force, the article continues.

In fact, many of us would agree that the retard has made us listen more closely to our neighbors and the world around us, and that the hard work of policing has made our job of keeping us safe more enjoyable.

The Retarded Cop Is Hard to Spot and Listen to When a cop is called out to a crime, or to a suspected crime, they tend to become the first to respond.

A person who is retarded can be easily identified, according to the American Association of Police Officers.

But while the average age of a retarded cop is around 60, according the National Association of Retarded Police, the number is likely much higher in some cities.

The association estimates that retards have a higher rate of homicide than the general population.

“Retarded police officers have been disproportionately injured, killed and prosecuted by people with disabilities and low-income people, including people with mental illnesses, and people of color,” the association’s report said.

While the retards are often perceived as being less than intelligent, they often use their knowledge of the law and police procedures to make good decisions.

One of the things that makes the retarding cop hard to identify is that they are often quiet and non-aggressive, and the fact that they rarely react to commands or calls from officers can also make them hard to find.

For many, being a retard is a way to escape the stress of everyday life.

If you have been told you have a “mental health problem,” you may not be aware of it.

If you have not been told what the diagnosis is, or what is called a “procedural issue,” you are more likely to think it is your fault.

You may think you have done something wrong.

And because you are unable to respond appropriately, you may also feel guilty or blame yourself.

This could be true even if you have actually done something to deserve it, Freedman writes.

“There is a tendency for retards to think that their actions were justified because they were responding to a distress call, or that the caller’s complaint was unreasonable,” Freedman explains.

“But retards can also think that if they have a mental health problem, they must be at fault.”

When Police Do Their Job Well, People Get Help Even when the person is retard, police officers can often be a valuable resource to people who may be suffering from a mental illness or a disability.

In recent years, Retard Awareness Week has been celebrated by some police departments across the country, and officers have also come out to say they value their colleagues who work hard, listen well and are good people.

Many of us need to ask ourselves what our role is as police officers if we are retards. 

The retard cop can be the difference between life and death.

It is easy to feel a little uncomfortable when the police officer tells you that you are a retARD.

But retards do have a lot of life experience and it’s important to ask them how they feel about that.

Retards are not the only people who experience mental health problems, and their mental health issues can be life-threatening.

There are a number of different causes of retards, but many people are at higher risk of developing an eating disorder or an anxiety disorder.

And the stigma that comes with being a “retard” is an especially serious issue.

What do you think about the retardo cop?

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