The cop cartoon meme gained traction after the police killings of three black men in Minnesota and Louisiana, prompting a wave of anti-cop violence and calls for the ouster of the sheriff in both states.

In the past few weeks, however, it’s become something of a joke, with images of police officers dressed as clowns and other cartoon versions popping up on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a funny idea to have an officer dressed as a clown or cartoon character in your image, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to help stop people from using them as a joke.

The cop cartoon is also a classic example of how social media has blurred the line between what should be a real-world expression of political or social criticism and a parody.

While there is nothing wrong with satire, that kind of humor is not protected under the First Amendment.

When you look at what happened in Minnesota last year, you have to wonder why someone would even want to do that.

On Dec. 8, a white police officer fatally shot Jamar Clark, a black man, during a traffic stop in rural St. Paul.

Police officials said Clark had a knife and a replica gun.

He was unarmed.

Clark’s family was left wondering how to deal with what happened to their son.

His father, Eric, who is black, was charged with second-degree manslaughter.

That’s when a parody of a parody version of the cartoon appeared on social media: the police cartoon, complete with clowns, officers with guns and a clown with a gun.

A number of cartoon versions of the meme appeared on Facebook.

Some of the cartoons featured a clown dressed as Donald Trump and a cop dressed as Captain America.

The cartoons also featured the image of the Trump administration, with Trump and the word “America” written across the top of the face.

The clown in the clown outfit appeared to be dressed as the president himself.

As of Monday afternoon, there were more than 100,000 Facebook posts that referenced the cartoon, according to a Google search.

But not everyone was laughing.

On Monday, the police department in St. Cloud, Minnesota, posted on Facebook that it had received complaints that the cartoon was racist and insulting.

“The officer has received numerous complaints and complaints regarding the cartoon being racist, insulting and offensive,” the department wrote in a statement.

“We will continue to review this matter.”

The cartoon, in which the clown with the gun and the police officer are wearing clown masks and holding hands, was taken down from Facebook a day after the St. Louis Police Department posted it on their page.

But some people continued to take the images and posts down.

The meme has been making its way onto social media, but the cartoon has a long history.

The image was created by a man named Paul D. Jones, who has been identified as the man behind the parody meme.

Jones is also the author of the “Laughing Policeman with Hat,” which was widely circulated online and used as a reference to the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

In a YouTube video posted to Twitter on March 18, Jones told his followers that he had drawn a cartoon of police as clown characters.

“I’m not saying this cartoon was in my head, but I did draw the clowns.

I took it from a comic book I was reading, and it’s just something I’m just going to keep using, so hopefully you guys will be able to laugh at it, too,” Jones said in the video.

Jones went on to say that he “went with the idea that they would not be that funny if they did this.”

Jones has also drawn cartoons in which police officers dress up in police gear and have fun, according a YouTube bio of the artist.

“In my mind, it was just for fun, just for a laugh.

I just thought they’d be a little bit more interesting if they had the clown costume,” Jones told CNN.

A Facebook page for the comedian, who also goes by the name “FunnyPaul Jones,” posted a photo of himself posing with the cartoon on Monday.

“Fool, what you just drew was so funny and so funny, it took me hours to draw it, and I was literally drawing it on my computer,” he wrote.

“I did it for a joke,” Jones added.

“It was just a joke to make people laugh.”

The police cartoon meme has also been used by other internet personalities.

In November, a Twitter account named “Crazy Paul Jones” claimed responsibility for a photo he posted of himself in a clown suit and holding a replica handgun, which he posted on his Twitter account.

“We’re here to help the police force,” he tweeted.

“They are so much more valuable than the clown.”

Jones’ parody account is still active.

In a video posted on YouTube in November, Jones said he had created the account “just to troll the clown police.”

The meme gained popularity after comedian John Oliver’s show, Last Week Tonight, aired a

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