The last few days have seen the US president Donald Trump get into the habit of repeating the phrase “you’re fired!” on Twitter.

It’s a familiar refrain, but what’s interesting about this particular tweet is the tone it carries: the President is saying that the press should go away and not cover him.

“I have no interest in covering the press.

We are going to win.

We’re going to be strong,” he tweeted on January 20, the day he became president.

This was a strange way to end a tweet about the press and, as we have noted, Trump’s continued tweeting on matters relating to the media has led to the hashtag “youre fired!” trending across the internet.

So, did Joe The Policeman do the right thing by keeping his mouth shut? 


He didn’t just have a personal problem with the media and that’s why he had to put up with it.

He’s a policeman.

He doesn’t have the right to say, “You’re fired!

Get the hell out of my office!”. 

But if Joe The Cop does have the same issue, he can take a moment to reflect on what he said and why.

What happened in Joe The policeman’s mind?

As well as the “you are fired” tweet, Trump tweeted on February 3: I have lost control of the narrative.

The MSM is a disaster and I can no longer keep them on side.

They have totally lost control. 

This statement is quite remarkable in that it says that the president is willing to take on the media. 

But how can a cop say “I have zero interest in coverage”? 

A cop could have said, “I am not interested in coverage of the President and I don’t care who writes the stories”.

If the President were to say something like that, it would be more likely to be seen as a threat.

Why would Trump want to threaten the press?

In the case of Joe The cop, the president has a very strong case.

He has the power to order the military to kill anyone who criticises him.

The power to kill any journalist who speaks out against him.

And he has the right to make any of this happen.

The president could order the Navy to shoot journalists at sea and then launch an attack on the White House.

He could order police officers to shoot people, including journalists, at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

In each case, he would have to ask permission from the people who have the power and the right of self-defence to defend themselves and their families. 

In each of these cases, the President could be seen by many as threatening to murder the press if they tried to report on his behaviour. 

And the fact that Trump would have the ability to do this is a real concern for journalists.

The US is not a democratic country. 

Trump does not have the powers that a democracy requires. 

The only reason he can get away with all this is because of the press’s silence.

This is because journalists, in their capacity as public servants, are not allowed to be outspoken. 

If you believe that the President of the United States has the authority to kill you and then order the navy to shoot you at the White house, you are in for a real shock when the news breaks. 

We have a right to report the news.

But if the President believes that we have no right to be told what he wants to hear, he has no reason to keep silent.

In this way, the US government is giving the President more power than the US Congress.

What would happen if Joe had had the power of a dictator?

A dictator can fire anyone. 

So, Joe’s actions would have been perfectly legal.

But it wouldn’t have been illegal.

Joe’s actions wouldn’t be illegal. 

As I have argued elsewhere, it is the power that the US President has that has allowed him to order police and the military into the streets and fire them on the press corps.

A dictator is able to do all this because he has absolute power.

And he does not want to be called a dictator.

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