I love my new police car, but there’s something wrong with it.

It’s just not as stylish as my old one, and it’s only got two wheels and a bumper.

And I’m not the only one.

The new police vehicle from the Australian police agency has been a long time coming.

In 2008, when the car was first unveiled in Australia, it was hailed as a “sensible and sensible-looking police vehicle” and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) was “thrilled” by its design.

That all changed in May last year when the ACCC ruled that the car’s “disregard for safety” made it a dangerous “high-risk” vehicle.

But what is the ACCC’s “safe” standard for a police car?

It is the most stringent standard that exists for police vehicles.

While the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIOC) recommends a “low risk” level for police cars, it doesn’t actually have any standards for cars that aren’t fully compliant with the guidelines.

So while the new car is meant to be “safe”, it still appears to be a “high risk” car, with an ACCC report stating it was “likely to cause injury or death” to people in the process of its journey.

Is this the safest police car on the road?

The ABC’s Matt Johnson visited the new police service car in Melbourne to find out if the new model could meet the new safety standard.

First impressions are that it looks and feels more “modern” than the previous model, the M40, but it’s not quite as “modern”, with the dashboard being “much more curved” and a different paint scheme.

As Johnson noted, the new Police Interceptor has “a new look” and is “much easier to manoeuvre”.

But it’s still not as “smart” as the M20, and its lack of safety features like a front-seat passenger seat makes it less attractive than the M60.

This is where the police car’s safety features come in.

When Johnson and his team drove the car to the Melbourne Police Museum, he noted it had two cameras and was fitted with two electronic traffic-light sensors that let it keep tabs on the vehicles speed, direction and speed limit.

“The M20 and the M30 have this sort of radar system,” Johnson said.

So it can do these things that we can’t do in a normal police vehicle.” “

But the Police Intercepter is just a bunch of sensors and stuff that’s all connected to the vehicle.

So it can do these things that we can’t do in a normal police vehicle.”

Johnson’s team had to drive the Interceptor for about a half-hour to get the latest information on its driving capabilities.

Once they had that, Johnson and the team were able to see how the car fared in its first tests.

One of the most important tests for police officers was the ability to drive it at night, and the new Interceptor showed that it was doing just fine.

Although Johnson and other police officers have criticised the new cars for being too slow, they’ve said the new technology will make the job easier for them.

What are the safety features of the new patrol cars?

According to the ACCCC, the police service cars “provide the best available and necessary vehicle protection, including protection from road hazards, through the use of collision-avoidance technologies, including electronic vehicle detection systems (EVD) and collision-prevention systems, as well as advanced occupant detection systems”.

Johnson said he hoped the new vehicles would be “a boon for law enforcement”.

“We’ve got a new generation of cars that are safe, but also practical,” he said.


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