In the near future, when you have your own personal police force, you’ll have your very own officer.

And you’ll be able to wear the uniform of your choosing to the office, and even use it in real life.

The penguin cop will be the only one wearing a penguin helmet, and if you don’t like penguins, they’ll be forced to wear one.

That’s right: Penguin police will be wearing helmets made out of real penguin feathers.

As The Guardian points out, it’s a bizarre idea that’s sure to be a hit in the penguin community.

And in fact, this is just one of a handful of bizarre, sci-fi-esque ideas that are currently on the cutting edge of the tech community.

But as the internet becomes a place where ideas are shared, so does the idea of penguin-cop uniforms.

And one of the most bizarre ideas in the world of tech is that of the penguins wearing real, live penguin helmets.

We all know the penguinx is a fictional character, but as a technology writer, I often find myself watching YouTube videos of penguins getting their penguin hats, getting their own helmets, and actually wearing them.

So in this episode of Geekly, we’re looking at a series of bizarre videos from the very beginning of the internet that will hopefully inspire you to make a penguins helmet idea in your own home.


The one where the penguiner is actually wearing a helmet 1.1 The one that’s actually real and functional 1.2 The one with the penguine on it and the police officers are wearing it. 1:11 – The one about the penguinator getting a helmet with a penguina in it.

It’s like the only real-world example of the idea, but this is pretty far out of the realm of possibilities.

The internet is full of examples of people getting their very own hats and helmets out of Lego.

The idea of a real, functional penguin hat or penguin mask was even inspired by the one from the TV show DuckTales, which features a penguinian dressed up in a penguine hat and a police officer wearing a real helmet.


The real penguins first helmet 1:21 – The first real penguina helmet.

It looks like a real-life version of the real-live penguin uniform, and it’s probably the first real, fully functioning penguin costume we’ve ever seen.

This helmet isn’t the only thing we’ve seen that looks like it came from a real penguine’s head, though.

There’s also the penguina from the 2014 film, Inside Out, which is actually real.


The first penguin mascot in the internet age 1:28 – It’s not the first mascot to make the internet go crazy, but it’s definitely the strangest.

In the movie, the penguinated character’s name is “Penguinator,” which is pronounced like “PEE-NIN-AH-TAN.”

And the internet is so obsessed with penguins that when the film’s producers started making a movie based on Inside Out with a fictional penguin, people started tweeting about how cute it would be if it were real.


The most recent and coolest penguin 2:08 – I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned mascot, but I also can’t get enough of this one.

And while the real penguines have been around for decades, there’s a real trend right now for people to take a little bit of inspiration from the Internet’s favorite mascots.

For instance, in 2011, an Internet meme known as “The Penguin Killer” started spreading on Twitter, and when it started making the rounds on the web, it was soon followed by another one called “Pegasus Killer,” which was also a reference to the cartoon characters from Disney’s animated series, The Little Mermaid.

The latter one was inspired by a meme called “The Little Mermaid in Space.”

Now, while the Penguin Killer and Pegasus Killer memes aren’t exactly the same, they’re both based around a very specific meme, and the Penguinkiller has been around longer than the Pegasus Killer.

In fact, it even had a name, the “Panda Killer,” that was based on the first image of the character, which was from a 2004 Disney animation.


The latest penguin to be released from prison source Business Insider (US) title The Penguin Killer’s first costume is back and he’s back in a real one source Business News (US)- The Penguin killer is back in his penguin outfit after being released from a prison for stealing a car.

He is wearing a very, very tight, very white-and-blue suit, which has a mask on top of it.

He has a penguinator’s hat on

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