COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Police uniforms are now seen as a badge of honor, and they can even be seen as an accessory.

But some of them have a sinister side, and some of their uniforms are more than just a badge.

The uniform police wear now is a badge and a mask, the equivalent of a spy and a secret agent.

Some uniforms are just plain weird, like the cop that goes around with a sign that says “I can smell you from up here” and who can be seen in public wearing a white mask with a black skullcap.

Another kind of weird uniform is the one cops wear with a skullcap on, and that’s also considered a badge, even though it’s not a mask.

“It’s a symbol of the police, of authority, of power, and of control,” said Peter Loeske, a professor of sociology at Copenhagen’s Aarhus University who researches police uniforms.

“So it’s very interesting and quite weird.”

The uniform policeman has a number of things going for it.

First, the uniforms are a very visible symbol of authority.

“Police uniforms have been part of the identity of Danish citizens since the 16th century,” Loeskel said.

“The uniform, as a symbol, is very important.”

The most famous of these uniforms is the red cop, which was adopted as the uniform of the Danish police from the mid-1800s.

It has the badge of a police officer, a skull cap, and the word “Kroger.”

It’s a police badge and the mask of the uniform.

The police are wearing helmets, which is considered very important.

In fact, it’s a badge that’s worn by a large number of police officers, as many as 80 percent of police uniforms are worn with helmets.

But in the 1970s and 1980s, the helmet began to become more popular with police officers.

The helmet has become a symbol that’s part of a more aggressive image of the modern police.

And it’s also become a way for officers to look cool.

“It was also very easy for officers in the late 1970s to wear helmets with a mask,” Loeke said.

When the helmet was introduced, it was a good thing.

It gave police officers a way to show they were in uniform.

And, at the same time, it made the police look more professional.

But as the helmet started to lose popularity, so did the mask.

The mask became a symbol for something even more sinister.

“The helmet is a symbol because it represents the police,” Löke said, “and the police are very often seen wearing masks.”

The mask also has a very bad history.

It’s been worn by members of the Swedish government.

It was also worn by the police in Afghanistan and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And it has been used by members and associates of terrorist groups.

Today, most of the masks worn by police officers are made by police themselves, and are a big deal because of their symbolism, said Kristian Lohse, a lecturer in sociology at the University of Copenhagen who studies police uniforms and uses them as a tool for his research.

“Police are very proud of their police masks, and when they’re wearing them, they are wearing the badge, but also a mask that is very similar to the badge,” he said.

Loeske said the uniforms also have a bad history because they were adopted for political reasons.

Many of the uniforms were developed in the 1980s in response to the riots that occurred in Copenhagen in 1983.

Police wore uniforms that looked like the ones used by the Swedish riot police.

Loeke thinks that’s why the uniform police were popular in Denmark during those years.

“This is why police officers wore uniforms in the 90s, when rioters were in Denmark,” he explained.

Police were seen as the police.

Loesike said that’s because of the way the uniform made the uniform look.

Loeskel says the new uniforms were designed in a way that the police uniform would look like in real life, so that officers wouldn’t be wearing the mask as an excuse to hide their identity.

Even though the new uniform uniforms are very good, the mask is still considered a police mask, and it’s still seen as more important, said Loesk.

So the mask still makes an appearance.

There’s also a history of police using masks as a way of getting people to do things that could potentially harm them.

In 2003, a police captain was arrested for trying to cover up the identity he was wearing to a young girl.

He said he did it so that he wouldn’t get caught, but Loeskes research shows that’s not always the case.

Masks can also be used to manipulate people.

In a study published in the journal Social Psychological

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