What is Lego’s new cop in ‘Action Man?’

The action man is a classic LEGO set, and Lego released a new set for its police department last year that featured a blue and white cop.The new set includes a new badge, a new helmet, a shield and more.Lego police badge from Lego action man police set. The badge is a blue one, and the new helmet features a white

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When a cop dies, the police do it again

Wired: A man has been arrested for allegedly killing a police officer and throwing him off a bridge after a confrontation on the Las Vegas Strip.The unnamed officer was found dead Saturday in the area of Las Vegas Boulevard and South Henderson Street, the Los Angeles Times reported.The suspect has not been identified.Police said the man, identified by police as

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Why are policemen so good?

Policemen are good, right?Well, they are.They are the best, the brightest, the bravest and the most reliable members of society.You see, they just happen to be cops. They are also often very, very good at their jobs.Here are some reasons why. Firstly, they do a job.They're not perfect, but they are very reliable. Secondly, they're always there.It is easy to forget that many

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