Why you should always buy a lapd badge for the cops

When you buy a badge, you're buying a police officer's badge.It has a serial number and a police seal that makes it impossible for criminals to steal it.That's why lapd badges are so popular, because they are made of high-quality, low-cost metal.But what does a lapdog badge cost?The most common badge is the one you see on lapdogs everywhere.A lapdog's

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Why I Love The Jags Policeman Doodles

The Jagdeep Singh-Patel couple was a couple of years into a relationship when they got together to take selfies and share their love of the Jags.They have now started a new trend with the Jagdeetis Police Doodling App.The couple, who have been married for 15 years, are now uploading their personal interactions with the police and other citizens online.The app

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