Why is it a French policewoman and an alien costume that looks like a French policeman?

Police officers, including France's police chief, have a long history of wearing a costume and uniform that looks almost like a uniform.In many countries, the police department has adopted uniforms that are more akin to civilian uniforms, and police have even used their uniforms to dress up as superheroes, like the Batman.But in some countries, like Australia, this is considered

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When is a person a ‘human’ again?

The term "human" has been around since the 1500s.The term is used to describe a person whose genes and anatomy are similar to those of humans and their culture.In the early 1900s, scientists began to explore the idea that some people were genetically identical to other people.These findings, known as the HLA hypothesis, became the foundation for the current definition

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How to get into interstellar policing, from the movie Star Trek: The Next Generation to the podcast series “Space Police”

In a new podcast series, the folks at the Space Police podcast are trying to teach people about the profession."We want to get more people into the field of interstellar policing," says Star Trek co-creator Gene Roddenberry.The Space Police Podcast is produced by The Space Patrol, which is co-founded by a number of members of the Starfleet Academy.The group's first

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