How to get into interstellar policing, from the movie Star Trek: The Next Generation to the podcast series “Space Police”

In a new podcast series, the folks at the Space Police podcast are trying to teach people about the profession."We want to get more people into the field of interstellar policing," says Star Trek co-creator Gene Roddenberry.The Space Police Podcast is produced by The Space Patrol, which is co-founded by a number of members of the Starfleet Academy.The group's first

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What to know about police officers’ prayer pacts

Police officers are known for being a very public profession.But as we've been told countless times, if you're not in a relationship, or are in an uncomfortable situation, it's important to keep a secret.So what do they have to say about their religious beliefs?Here are some things you might not know.1.Police officers have their own prayer book.Policemen's prayer pates.Photo via

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